Late Summer's Harvest: T A B L E T O P




Late Summer's Harvest

T A B L E  T O P

A Photography and Floral Styling Workshop

August 28th

Tracey Ayton Photography + Floralista Flower Studio + The New Domestic

Invite you to attend...

Late Summer's Harvest

T A B L E  T O P

Photography and Floral Styling Workshop.

Spend a summers day with Alice de Crom, Principle Designer and owner of Floralista Flower Studio, and Tracey Ayton, published natural light Interior Design and Lifestyle Photographer, at a gorgeous West Coast Beach house location near Vancouver, BC. Get Inspired with like minded photographers and creatives in this hands-on photography, floral design, and styling workshop.

Floralista revels in creating arrangements which conjure the sense of spontaneity and romance found in the garden. Alice's signature designs are layered and textured, using unique botanicals and favouring locally grown flowers and foliages for their seasonal beauty. Foraged fruit branches and herbs will be featured in this summer masterpiece. Each student will create their own garden inspired floral centrepiece in a beautiful footed bowl, under the direction of Alice.

Tracey Ayton will share her extensive photography knowledge, approach, and creative eye to each student as they style and shoot their own vignette of food and florals. She will discuss her favourite editing tools, source list, and what goes into her signature light and airy Instagram photos. Tracey will also lend insight on why having a strong styling background is so important to have as a successful photographer, and the opportunities it has brought her.

Throughout the day, Nerissa Goco, designer, maker, and owner of The New Domestic will be treating us all to a delicious spread of food and beverages and how she puts her unique touch on a table scape.

As an exercise in professional development and creative expressions, we would love for you to join us in this fun and inspiring day, where our intent as leading artists is to push your creative limits, experiment with new mediums of design, and to leave you feeling excited and innovative.

At the end of the day, each student will take home their beautiful floral arrangement, gorgeous imagery for their portfolios, and a swag bag filed with goodies from our generous sponsors.

Please bring your camera, your appetite, and an open mind.
We've got the rest covered!

Registration opens July 7th
Investment: $495.00 + gst
Sunday August 28th from 10am-5pm

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

*Limited number of seats available.
*No floral design or styling experience needed, however students must have a good foundation and knowledge of photography, as focus will be on composition and lighting.
*Upon registration, detailed itinerary of the day will be sent out to each attendee.

Reserve your seat here.

You ask what I've been up to ........

Well ..... I'm busy balancing work and life.  I can tell you for sure that work has been busy but I also want to mention that I've finally learned how to make the time for family, friends and fun.   Often in my career, I've had to work on weekends and most times, I've spent an entire weekend shooting and or editing.  Recently, I've learned how to "let go" of work on weekends and put it aside until Monday.  (THIS IS BIG FOR ME)  Nothing bugs me more than having work on my mind and work to get done.  Very recently, I have been able to conquer this challenge and it is so liberating!

So in the mean time, people ask, "What have you been working on?"  ..... Certainly not my blog as it's been one of those aspects of my work that I've had to let go because I made time to be somewhere else besides sitting in front of the computer.  Today however, it felt right to make time for an entry between editing shoots.  Perhaps my blog will be a little more sporadic but just know that I'm not going anywhere.  Most times you can see what I've been up to on a daily basis through a wonderful thing called Instagram.  I post at least once a day and find it gives me a quick and easy way to show my followers what I'm doing.  You can follow me HERE  As a creative person, I've learned how to accept that sometimes creativity doesn't always come right away and realizing this is so important ...... and then when you least expect it, it comes rushing back.   The fact that I've taken time to have fun and welcomed some relaxation ........ the creativity and energy has been tremendous...... and I am thankful.

In the last week, I've had really cool and exciting projects with some of the best clients I could ever ask for.  I've included some frames from each shoot I've done within the last week or so to give you a peek into ..... what I've been up to.

Lori Steeves from Simply Home Decorating has an impeccable eye for detail and the devotion she shares for design is truly her passion.

Lori-Steeves-2-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Lori-Steeves-1-Tracey-Ayton-Photography


Having the opportunity of working with the very talented artist Dana Mooney was amazing!  I want to own several of her paintings ..... hopefully one day soon I will.

Dana-Mooney-3-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Dana-Mooney-2-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Dana-Mooney-1-Tracey-Ayton-Photography

Jamie Deck  is truly one of a kind ...... not only is she the sweetest person but super talented!



Working with Ellen Walde from le fil rouge is as pretty as it gets when working with linen and alpaca.  (My favourite textile :-)



Shooting incredible vignettes with Deborah and Nour from Flock Interiors ..... well let's just say that shooting vignettes is one of my favourite things I do and these ladies have the goods to do it!

Flock-1-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Flock-3-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Flock-2-Tracey-Ayton-Photography

When Michelle Gemmill the very talented stylist of Kits Construction had asked me to shoot her home, I swooned the minute I walked through the door ...

Gemmill-3-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Gemmill-2-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Gemmill-1-Tracey-Ayton-Photography

Lastly, working with Karla Amadatsu of Karla Amadatsu Design is a true honour ....

Amadatsu-1-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Amadatsu-2-Tracey-Ayton-Photography Amadatsu-3-Tracey-Ayton-Photography

I just love this "all white" kitchen featured in Style At Home Magazine

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.  As some of you may know, my favourite colour is white .....  I find it so crisp, clean with no obstacles.  It's like starting new when it comes to a white space, any accessories you add to white god well with it.  So in this case when I shot Tracy Stonehouse's kitchen for the latest issue of Style At Home the White issue ..... Erin McLaughlin (Editor In Chief of Style At Home) came into town to shoot which was super fun.  The different purples from hydrangeas and blueberries are so scrumptious!!!!  I just happened to be wearing a purple checked shirt that day so how convenient it was to pass over the shirt over to Tracy  to wear for her picture.  The kitchen was designed by Victoria McKenney from Enviable Designs, the cabinet work done by Eyco Building Group.

Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-1 Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-2 Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-3 Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-5