The old house on the corner

I decided to start a blog to perhaps "inspire" those that come by for a visit. This week isn'tgoing to cut it visually, my apologies.... Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of old homes getting torn down lately. Completely understandable with the real estate market etc. ..... I get it... but it still is really hard for me not to be sad for these character homes when I see the house sitting behind a bright orange fencing with a bulldozer looming.

Just like the rest of the neighbors, I stood watching it's demise. Some were happy to see it go, some were sad to see it go.

The calender was still hanging and so was the hat that the gentleman that lived there used to wear. Word has it he passed just shy of his 99th birthday.

This has nothing to do with my story but at least it's a little more cheerful.