A simple window box

It was such a pleasure meeting all of you that came to the Design & Lifestyle Bloggers meet up. I had tons of fun and the food was delicious! It truly is an honor to not only be part of the group but to also get to work with those talented and passionate people. This week I'm sharing some pics of a DIY project my hubby and I did creating a new window box for our front window. When we bought our house we had 3 little shelves under our window where a window box would have normally gone but I guess along the way, ours was taken down. A few months after we moved in, the house 2 doors down from us was being torn down (what else is new) and it had a window box that would fit perfectly on our house ... so we took it and made it ours. Over the years that window box has served us well but this year when I went to go plant my new batch of plants in it I noticed the bottom had finally rotted through......... what else is a girl to do that just bought a ton of plants for a window box but go get hubby to help build a new one!!!

Here is the sad old box .......

Here are the plants patiently waiting ........ which I picked up at Southlands Nursery. The passionate and very talented gardener, Thomas Hobbs owns Southlands Nursery and next month I am very excited about shooting Tom's house for Style At Home magazine.

Here's hubby hard at work ..... He built it, I painted it.

We love it !!!