And the winner is ........

Good morning everyone! I am just announcing the winner of Carol's contest over at The Design Pages for the Polaroid Artwork. Thank you to everyone that took the time to comment on why my husband should let me keep my corbels and any storage solution ideas for them. As I was reading them out, my "husband" started to laugh and told me that he hated to be called "hubby" and if I could please just call him "husband"..... sure, okay ... fair enough. So after reading all of your great reasons and ideas, we've decided to pick: We just loved how Laura described .... IN CRAZY DETAIL, how I should store my corbels, which my HUSBAND would like to try, I will post a pic when I have more in stock to show how well it works. Thank you Laura and again, thank you everyone else for taking the time to comment.

ps ... The birthday card I got from my husband yesterday read "I am proud of your successes AND even your corbels" :)