Did I mention that I love my job???

I am delighted to have a wonderful work week planned and just want to mention a few people who will be there to share it with me. I start out the week shooting a teensy weensy but very glamorous powder room designed by the always so lovely, Andrea Johnson who was recently featured in the September issue of BC Home. Then jetting out to Calgary to work with Sarah Swanson and Erica Cook. Two designers in whom I've adored their work. Sarah and I met through blogging and I can't tell you how many times I've drooled over some of the spaces she's shared. This girl has got talent and I'm just giddy on having the opportunity to work with her. Erica Cook and I recently met at the Blend 2011, here in Vancouver. This girl is just amazing. I feel like I've known Erica my whole life and that I'm going to visit an old friend. We'll see what trouble I can get into with Erica and hope to post the spaces soon. These are the type of people I get to work with ..... I do love my job!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!