Doing what I love to do.

Did everyone have a good weekend? It was pure sunshine all the way through here in Vancouver. I had to do a little work but made sure I got to play a little too. How about you? You know the saying, "Follow what you like to do and the rest will fall into place"? Well, I thought that in this week's post, I'd celebrate by showing some of my recent editorial work. There are so many more projects on the go for me right now that I am having an absolute blast, being a photographer. Thank you for all of your lovely comments in the past few blog posts, it's so nice to have a following and especially getting to know some of you. It just keeps getting better and better. Have a wonderful week!!

Somerset Life Magazine Such an inspirational magazine ..... love to be a part of it!!

I recently started working with Mimi Bleu over at Belle Inspiration (an e-magazine). Mimi and I hit it off with our friendship right from the start and she's been so supportive since. Thanks Mimi!! I think it's pretty nice to have a friend over in Paris!! Oui ?

Lastly my new BFFs over at Delish Magazine, Tamara Komuniecki and Cynthia Merriman. We just started working together recently and I must say that the team over at Delish is one fine bunch!!!