IDS Weekend!

Just thought I would post some pics of the IDS West I attended on Thursday night. A massive thank you to Design Lifestyle Bloggers West for contributing the time to help create the events that took place this weekend!

Ahhh yes, Livingspace, a fabulous, gorgeousness of a store opening up in Vancouver VERY SOON in the Armoury district.

I am looking forward to interviewing Martha Sturdy in the next week for an upcoming post, so I made sure I took some shots of her space in the show. What wonderful and talented lady!

I love Montauk sofas ...... always have, so it doesn't surprise me that I fell in love with their space at the show.

........... And the lights, the pretty, pretty, twinkling lights.

Saturday night was a blast at the Blend 2011 event over at the Loden Hotel... nice to mingle about and chat with the members from the DLBW group and having Suzanne Dimma in company was pretty cool too!

Sunday, headed off to Seattle for the night to decompress and catch a Seahawks game.

Have a wonderful week!!