La Joie De Vivre

I hope you all had a nice weekend. It must be said that since I've started blogging, I have met so many creative, talented and inspirational people along the way. Who knew one of those people would live in Paris? ... Her name is Mimi Bleu and her online magazine is called Belle Inspiration. Belle Inspiration is full of just that ... GOOD TASTE AND STYLE. Anything you can think of that can enrich our lives, you can probably find in her magazine ... gardening, shopping, traveling, beautiful spaces, the list goes on. Mimi was nice enough to create a little flip magazine that included some of my photography used in the latest issue "Spring Fever" . This is only a "mini" flip book below it is only a sample. I highly recommend subscribing to the full and complete issue of Belle Inspiration to celebrate La Joie De Vivre !!!

I wanted to update this blog post as Mimi was so generous to have mentioned me in her blog this week. Belle Inspiration