Let's go !!!!!

Happy new week everyone!! Last week was "NUTSO" for me, between shoots, media events, editing and getting our yard ready for a shoot ... I welcomed the weekend and looked forward to some visits and relaxation ... well sort of. My husband suggested we go for a bike ride, just as I was in the midst of editing, stressed out with deadlines. In a very "prickly" voice, I told him that I was WAAAAAY too busy for a bike ride and to go without me. He kept on me to go for a darn bike ride and to get some fresh air. So reluctantly, I ended up going.

After riding to the beach, having a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, when we got home I felt refreshed and happier than when we left. It's absolutely amazing what a simple bike ride did for me. Guess what? I decided not to go back to work and just enjoy the rest of the evening with the dog and hubs. Work can wait sometimes.