Lil' lovin

Ahhh the weekend is finally here and perhaps some of you are celebrating Valentine's day a little early. I L-O-V-E Valentines day!!!! I am one of those suckers that buy into it. I make sure to remind my husband that Valentine's day is fast approaching and to make sure the dinner reservations are made, chocolate is purchased and present picked out. You're reading this and probably thinking is she for real???....... No, I'm not. I get a loud whining noise from hubs letting me know that he hates Valentines day. BUT for 18 years, he's always made sure to make the day special for me in one way or the other because he knows it makes me happy, SMART GUY!

In return, I've always made a batch of strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I want to end this post by sharing a small thing I did the other day. Recently I found a pile of my mom's old love letters she received from a small pocket of boys she dated way back when. So I made a pot of tea, sat down and poured over the letters, admiring the elegance that they held. Some letters were funny, some showed pain from feelings being hurt and others were written in hopes of making up. I celebrate this Valentine's day, holding up a cup of tea (in her china) to toast mom, in whom I love a lot and miss dearly AND to my husband for making sure I'm happy on Valentine's day.

p.s. My big news will have to wait til next week but here's a hint: "Photographie"