With the beginning of 2011, a lot of people like to start "fresh" perhaps begin an exercise routine, go on a diet or do a detox etc. I personally like to clean out closets, cupboards and drawers. I'm the type of person that keeps a clean house ..... most of the time. Call me crazy but to push a vacuum around orspray windex over a spotty mirror then wiping it clean, is therapeutic. I must admit that over time my closets start to overflow, sometimes I can't close drawers without having to shove something back in. As long as it closes, no one needs to know how messy it is in there. So over the holidays I took some time to organize those scary closets and drawers and got pure satisfaction when I was done. While we're on the subject of organization, I recently shot an entrepreneur for Crave Vancouver who specializes in sorting us all out when it comes to being unorganized. Her name is Shelley Davies and her brilliant business is called Details Modern Order. She is capable of organizing EVERY cupboard, drawer, closet, attic, garage, shed..... you name it, she'd organize it. Here she is featured in CRAVE. Have a great week everyone !!!