Surprise under the sink

Welcome back! I hope you've all had a good weekend. My weekend consisted of doing a little bit moreorganization and cleaning ...... yes, still organizing and cleaning..... This time the laundry room was targeted. I got a bit carried away while sweeping up some random laundry soap underneath the sink. When I kneeled down to collect the pile of dust and laundry powder into the dust pan, I noticed a bunch of old newspaper stuffed in the wall behind the sink.

I timidly started pulling at the brittle, yellowed paper and realized I'm in for a treat. The owner of my house back in 1929 had decided to stuff this newspaper in the wall to keep out drafts ... I'm guessing. (My house was built in 1927)

The first thing that caught my eye was the population count of Greater Vancouver ..... 344,160 !!!

As I sifted through the papers, I learned that some homes in Shaughnessy (prestigious neighborhood here in Vancouver), sold for $8750

...... and a "lot" with a view would go for $750 in Point Grey (another nice area)

Apparently wearing sporty fashions was a certain way of being gracious and nonchalant.

If you wonder why boys call you a "flop" after petting and necking, write Dorothy.

Can Mrs Carey really heal my backaches from doing the wash ???

Where is she when I need her ???