Our day at the museum

This week I thought I would share some pics I took while visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, during our trip to California. First off, California Design, 1930-1965: "Living In A Modern Way" This is only a sliver of what I shot from this exhibition.

House Beautiful issue: March 1943 ...... too cool!

How about this Jeff Koons "Balloon Dog"

Then we came upon a massive stack of plates designed by Robert Therrien

John Baldessari’s iconic work, Wrong, lauded for its “improper” positioning of a man directly beneath a towering palm tree.

The museum itself has some great architectural aspects.

For me, sitting amongst all of these Herman Miller-Eames chairs in the LACMA courtyard was a source of eye candy while taking a small break. Is that weird?

Ya gotta love the street lights, designed by Chris Burden. Urban Light, 2008 Sculpture, (Two-hundred and two) restored cast iron antique street lamps

A bite at over at Ray's .... A Mediterranean-inspired menu.

..... And finally, a couple of drinks at the Stark Bar to finish off a brilliant day at the museum.