Here & then gone again.

  HAPPY SPRING!!!!!  Here's a shot of one of the hills we skied on while being up at Sun Peaks Resort.   The powder and the sunshine were fantastic but it was also very good for the soul to be around my family.

sun peaks Tracey Ayton Photography

I'm heading back out of town tomorrow morning to do a couple of shoots with my pals Erica Cook & Sarah Swanson for Style At Home magazine.  We'll be in good company as Erin McLaughlin, the editor in chief  of Style At Home will be joining us for the shoots ....  Should be lots of fun!  For now, I'm going to leave you with a picture I shot of the blooms in our living room.  Before I left to go skiing, I cut a branch from my magnolia tree and "forced" it inside.  I was happy to come home to these lovely Magnolia flowers.  The tree never ceases to disappoint  .... although I can see that most of the trees outside are about to do some blooming themselves.  See you soon!

p.s. ...... I can't wait to share some rather SMALL but BIG news when I get back.



magnolias 2 Tracey Ayton Photography



Sarah Swanson featured in Alberta Home

FINALLY I can post what I was up to when I went to Calgary to shoot with Sarah Swanson, the girl behind Flourish Design + Style I spent a whole day with Sarah, shooting her beautiful, stylish and cozy abode for Alberta Home. It was nice to get to know Sarah and hang with her for a day. My job consists of working with the most amazing and talented people, I feel so fortunate to have the type of job where even though we are all working hard to get the best shot, we still have tons of fun doing it. At the end of my visit, not only did I have a full card of beautiful images in my camera but I also went home knowing I made a new friend. Thanks Sarah for being such a wonderful host during my visit to Cowtown!!!

Sneak a boo .......

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I just got back from shooting a couple of spaces in Calgary and am in a flurry of craziness, editing all the goods. I've had many people asking to see some of what we shot but I just can't let you in on that .... yet. But in the meantime, I thought I would give you a tiny glimpse into what I have been up to in the last week. Andrea Johnson Residence: Powder Room

Right before I left for Calgary, I shot a lovely powder room, designed by the extremely talented, Andrea Johnson. I've worked with Andrea a few times and each time has been such a treat! Her cat Oliver made a home in my camera bag quite nicely and her dog Piper made it known that she was there to assist me too. I must say it IS the smallest space I have had to shoot yet. All you do in a powder room is powder your nose right? Boy...I tell you, it is a glamorous job when you have to squish up beside the toilet and a wall to get THE shot. Keep your eyes peeled for this one in an upcoming BC Home issue.

Sarah Swanson Residence:

I travelled to Calgary to meet this girl.... her space "wowed" the editors at Alberta Home and it was worth the trip! I want to thank Sarah for being such a trooper in having me around ALL DAY shooting her beautiful home. There were so many fabulous rooms and vignettes around every corner ...... what is a photographer to do but capture them all! She has done such a beautiful job in designing her home. I look forward to seeing more of Sarah's projects in the future. Thanks again Sarah for lunch and the best ice tea ever!!!

Erica Cook Residence:

What can I say ..... Erica and I are like soul sisters. Neither of us have sisters and I would like to think this is what it would be like to have one. I spent two entire glorious days with Erica and her family of 5 boys. I loved the craziness that surrounded me as I went from room to room photographing Erica's gorgeous home. My jaw dropped every time I walked into another room to shoot it .... I guess you can call it eye candy to a photographer that shoots interiors. Seriously, I was chomping at the bit to see more. We polished my visit off with a fabulous dinner out to celebrate a new friendship.

Besides my camera bag and suitcase, I took home this adorable little cup with a box of matches. Thank you Erica!!