The Dorothies

This is a pretty long post but worth a read, perhaps if you don't have time to read it now, read it when you have a moment, it's a great story! I have been chomping at the bit to finally write about this. I am absolutely ecstatic! If you're a regular follower of mine and read my blog, you'll know that I'm completely devoted to old homes and sadly watch them get torn down on a regular basis. Caroline Adderson, the founder of Vancouver Vanishes Facebook Page and I teamed up about a year ago to document all of the homes that have been and are getting torn down. The library is quite large and unfortunately keeps growing every week. We're the ones that go into these homes, no matter how scary they look, we trudge through the sad remains of the once beautiful home. Sometimes people have gone in to take some of the character, some of the hardwood is gone or most times, its all left to go into the landfill. Sometimes we'll go into a home and nothing has been touched. The home is in perfect condition, boasting all of its glorious character.... and all of it's furniture in some cases, left for the wrecking ball.

This post isn't going to be a "fluffy and pretty" post this week but it certainly is a happy one. Caroline and I had been watching two homes that were slated for demolition, and were disgusted so much that a petition was created to prevent them from a demise. With the help of several neighbours, friends and family, some that grew up having the Dorothies in their neighbourhood, we succeeded in saving them!!!!! The developer had purchased the land and had planned on tearing them down to build a home for his family. After seeing how distraught people were to know of his plan, he changed his mind. The Dorothies had been named after the first two wives that lived in each home at the same time, Dorothy Smith & Dorothy MacMillan. Caroline participated in each and every step of the way in order to help save these and proudly, I was there to document every step of the way. I even had my moment of stardom on the news the day they were moved :-) Here is my documentation of the Dorothy's journey into a happy ending.....

Several weeks after we learned that the Dorothies were getting torn down, we were allowed to go into one (the one on the left) to do our routine documentation that we do so many times a month in homes slated for demo.

Exterior Front Tracey Ayton Photography

First leaded glass doors Tracey Ayton Photography

Fireplace & Windows Tracey Ayton Photography

Doors Tracey Ayton Photography

Leaded Windows Tracey Ayton Photography

Dining Area Tracey Ayton Photography

Fireplace 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dining area 3 Tracey Ayton Photography

Foyer Tracey Ayton Photography

Garden Tracey Ayton Photography

Preparing the Dorothies for their short journey to their new home two blocks away:

Prepping Dorothies to go Tracey Ayton Photography

The home that sadly had to be demolished in order to replace with the Dorothies ...... a sad reality that this home couldn't be saved somehow.

Tear down Tracey Ayton Photography

Clearing the lot for the arrival of the Dorothies after the existing home was torn down.

The Dorothies relocation 05-03-2014 1-07-50 PM


Dorothy Move 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dorothy Move 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dorothy Move 3 Tracey Ayton Photography


Sadly as the Dorothies are on their successful journey, they pass a home that has the dreaded red fencing, ready to be torn down. I took a moment to take a picture through the window only to want a barf bag to see the beautiful woodwork in it.

Demo looking on Tracey Ayton Photography

Continuing onto the move:

Dorothy Move 5 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dorothy Move 7 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dorothy Move 8 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dorothy Move 10 Tracey Ayton Photography

Their final touch down.

Dorothy Move 9 Tracey Ayton Photography

Here are some recent press on the Dorothies:



18KARAT Spring 2014 Catalogue ~ Take a Look !!!

So how did you all survive losing one hour of sleep this weekend? I have to admit that I had a caffeine fuelled iced cafe mocha drink far too close to my bed time so I hardly slept and before I knew it, it was already 4 am!!! Ah well, I digress...... This week I wanted to share with you a few snaps of the Spring 2014 catalogue for 18KARAT. I just love the simplicity of their pieces. Have a great week!

18karat 9 Tracey Ayton Photography

18karat 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

18 karat 4 Tracey Ayton Photography

18 karat 6 Tracey Ayton Photography

18karat 6 Tracey Ayton Photography

18karat 4 Tracey Ayton Photography

18karat 8 Tracey Ayton Photography

18karat Tracey Ayton Photography

18karat11 Tracey Ayton Photography

18karat 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Gild & Co. featured in Canadian House & Home Magazine

Just back from our short jaunt to Palm Springs and delving into a new week with a store I shot for the latest issue of Canadian House & Home, Gild & Co. Just as their website describes: Curators of vintage and new furniture, home decor and accessories. I couldn't have said it better :-) Bonnie Wilson is the mastermind behind this gem of a store located on the West side of Vancouver and after meeting her, I understood why Gild & Co. is such a success. PASSION! Bonnie exudes this love for every piece of furniture, textile, trinket, mirror, vintage find …… I love how inspired I am with every visit and a matter of fact, I'm due for another one this week. "Lets see, I need fabric and am in the market for a chaise lounge" See you soon B! Gild & Co. Tracey Ayton Photography 2

Gild & Co. Tracey Ayton Photography

My very much coveted sofa ……

Gild & Co. Tracey Ayton Photography 1

Gild & Co. Tracey Ayton Photography 6

Gild & Co. Tracey Ayton Photography 3

Oh and you should see what they have in store for the holiday season!!!!

Gild & Co. Tracey Ayton Photography 5