Palm Springs …..

While visiting Palm Springs, I couldn't help but yearn for an era long gone. I knew that coming here I wanted to capture not only its architecture but submerge myself in it's past to try to emulate what it was when it was created. It seems to hang onto its past, and is determined to save itself from demolition. After seeing what is happening to Vancouver, I need a reprieve and get re inspired by Palm Spring's iconic architecture. A Frame House Tracey Ayton Photography

Pretty White Bungalow Tracey Ayton Photography

Purple Cactus Palm Springs Tracey Ayton Photography

The HorizonThe Horizon Hotel


The Saguaro Hotel

Info Center Tracey Ayton Photography

The Palm Springs Visitors Center

Big Grey Wall Palm Springs Tracey Ayton Photography

Palm Springs City Hall Tracey Ayton Photography

The Parker Hotel is where we stayed and I have no words to describe how much eye candy this place has.

The Parker Hotel Entrance Tracey Ayton Photography

The Parker House Restaurant Tracey Ayton Photography

The Parker Hotel Gounds 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

The Parker Hotel grounds Tracey Ayton Photography

The Parker Hotel Grounds

The Parker Hotel Lobby 3 Tracey Ayton Photography

The Parker Hotel lobby 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

The Parker Hotel room Tracey Ayton Photography

While in Palm Springs, I couldn't help but think of my grandmother or "Nani" (she didn't like to be called a grandma) Nani would take trips down to Palm Springs frequently ….. she was the epitome of a "waspy" character that would go down for a few days to get a tan. Which meant sitting in the sun all day. I don't believe she ever took a dip in the pool either in fear of "ruining" her hair. She dressed to the nines, wore white gloves when she drove and if you got her mad, heaven help you, she was mean. I have some interesting memories of her and I can't say she wasn't on my mind throughout trip.

Mom with friend in Palm Springs

My mom (on the right) in Palm Springs

Nani in Palm Springs

Nani suntanning under her arms in Palm Springs



As promised, here is the first batch of photos from my trip. This week I'll show you some from the two days we stayed in one of the most civilized and beautiful cities that I have ever been to ....... Amsterdam.

The first thing you should be aware of when walking in and around Amsterdam is to avoid getting hit by the sea of bicycles. Riding a bike is THE way of getting around and no one wears a helmet. Business men wear their suits while riding, women ride all dressed up, elderly folks ride, holding an umbrella while riding is not a trick, it's a necessity. Yup, you can talk on the phone while riding too. I stood there gawking at what I saw and loved every minute of it. Let's not forget carpooling the kids back and forth .....

Love the baskets .... I want the black one for my bike!!!

Then I came upon Riviera Maison ...... drool.

Who knew this existed ???

The architecture is truly amazing!!! All of the buildings are built extremely tall and narrow with really, really steep steps. So steep in fact that they use hooks to move furniture in and out instead of the stairs.

A few more randoms .....

See you next week with some pics of Paris.

Doxa Film Festival "Coast Modern"

Happy weekend everyone!!! Although online tickets are sold out, hopefully you can get a chance to see this documentary that features Post modern architecture built in Vancouver to Los Angeles. It's playing at the Vancity Theatre on Tuesday, May 8th. Tickets still available at the door. Have a look at the preview