Laurie & Randy Kelder Home featured in Style At Home Magazine

Not sure about you, but once in awhile you see a house that stops you in your tracks.  The moment I set eyes on this home, I fell in love.  It was a case of "nothing is going to stop me from taking pictures of this house"  I HAD to get to know the owner of this spectacular structure.... Turns out that there was a connection and it also turns out that Laurie (homeowner) is the sweetest person EVER !  She has an excellent eye for design and lucky for me, Laurie also shares the same devotion to black and white decor as I do!  Thank you Laurie and Randy for allowing me to come into your home to photograph it.  You can see the feature in the latest Style At Home   I hope you enjoy this home as much as I did shooting it ~ .......p.s. Laurie is now a great friend :-) Exterior-Tracey-Ayton-Photography










I absolutely love that when building the home ~ YES! it's a new build, Laurie and Randy reclaimed architectural details from older homes to keep the consistency of what a Craftsman bungalow would boast from the early 1900's.  That my friends, is a beautiful thing.  The amount of labour that went into even just fitting all of the doors was a miracle.  If you know anything about building, this would probably not be taken on by many builders.







Featured in: Style At Home Magazine

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Now that the kids are in school, the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to fall ..... we begin the tradition of preparing for autumn, I love this time of year and welcome it. This week I wanted to feature a space that I shot with my really good friend and client, Karla Amadatsu of Kerrisdale Design ,for the current issue of Style At Home Magazine. When I photograph Karla's spaces, it is a true honour ... not only are the spaces just plain gorgeous but they never cease to inspire me. The inky blues, beachy, yet modern feel of this particular space was truly the "bee's knees" for me. I wish I could invite you over to this house for dinner just so that you could see it in person but I don't live there so for now, here are a whole wack of pictures to show how beautiful this space is. Enjoy and have a great short week.

Tracey Ayton Photography 5

Tracey Ayton Photography 7

Tracey Ayton Photography 1

Tracey Ayton Photography 8

Tracey Ayton Photography 9

Tracey Ayton Photography 2

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Happy 4th of July !!!!

Just thought I would drop by with a shot of an adorable home I took while visiting Seabrook Washington and want to wish all of my American friends and family a fabulous 4th of July! Here are some links to a few of my cool American blogger friends ~ Enjoy!


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Splendid Willow

Seabrook Washington Tracey Ayton Photography