A Pretty Home filled with lights, featured in BC Living Magazine

A friend of mine, Claudine has a wonderful eye and is so resourceful when it comes to collecting vintage stuff for the home. In her spa, Bioethique Certified Organic, you'll notice a lot of reclaimed items such as a fireplace, wood floors, lighting fixtures and small trinkets. She let me know that she had recently installed a large portion of her collection of pendant lighting at her client/friend, Jenna Girard's home. Knowing what I do for a living, Claudine introduced me to Jenna and knew I would enjoy photographing her exquisite home designed by Formwerks Architectural Inc. I'm happy to say that it's featured in the latest issue of BC Living Magazine. Jenna 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Bathroom Sink Tracey Ayton Photography

Living room Tracey Ayton Photography

Livingroom 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Kitchen Tracey Ayton Photography

Kitchen 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Bedroom 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Jenna 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Here is the collection of lights that are through out the home. So pretty.

Lights Tracey Ayton Photography

Just some cool people I know

Just thought I would give you a glimpse into some cool people I've been hanging out with lately :-) ...... My good friend Victoria Lambert and her brother Brad have recently opened up a chalk paint store called The Fat Paint Company.  Since opening their store in New Westminster, they have been bombarded with orders from all over the place and continue to get the attention they deserve with their super cool chalk paint.   If you want to try painting with chalk paint, they offer workshops !!! The Fat Paint Company Tracey Ayton Photography

Oh how lucky I am to have met Claudine Michaud, the owner of Bioéthique, a boutique spa that specializes in facials using their own vegan & certified organic skincare line from France.  I have had my share of treatments and look forward to many more.  Pick up the latest issue of Montecristo magazine to read more about Claudine and her spa.  I'll be posting more pics from our shoot at Bioéthique in a future post.

Bioéthique Tracey Ayton Photography

Then my talented designer friend Amanda Evans from Twenty One Two Designs Inc. had a showcase event over at Once A Tree Furniture.  Just goes to show that when you give the girl a small space to design a beautiful room, she knocks it out of the park with an incredibly beautiful master bedroom.  It was nice to see all of her friends and family come out to support Amanda at the showcase opening.  Amanda's showcase will be up for viewing at Once A Tree until September ...... I wish I could've taken the entire bedroom home with me!!

Amanda Twenty One Two Tracey Ayton Photography

Lastly, I can't sign off without sending positive thoughts to those people effected by the flood in Calgary ~ Hugs T.


Furry Mood Enhancers

I have to confess .... I love the smell of my dog's paws. I know right? ..... Call me whatever you want (a tad crazy) but it's true, they smell like popcorn. Over the last little while, I've had a few shoots that happen to involve places of business that allowed their pet dogs to roam about. I just loved having a furry friend circle me as I shot.

Some studies are being done on bringing specially trained animals into clinical settings, which is happening in more and more hospitals and nursing homes. One of the biggest advantages of letting patients interact with animals in such places appears to be improved mood and reduced anxiety.

First off we have Scout in whom was wandering around the show room at Cantu Bathrooms, it wasn't my idea to put him in the bath!

Then while shooting at Noise Digital, I met Teddy.

Tom & Brent over at Southlands Nursery have an older dog named Corona. They ended up proud owners of this guy after his original owners sold the home to Tom & Brent and didn't want to take Corona with them. When I was shooting at the nursery, Corona was there but is frightened of the camera as you can see from these pictures. We think he might have been slightly abused by his previous owners. At least he's in good hands now.

Then there's Kylie who hangs with Ross over at Livingspace.

Samson belongs to Claudine over at Bioethique and I can't say he hangs out all day at the day spa but for the shoot he joined in for some rumpus.

Have a great week!!