A little festive here & there .....

In a blink of an eye, another week has come and gone. I'm not sure if it's just me but I feel like I'm going as fast as I can and barely hanging on in order to keep up with my schedule. Between shoots, dinner parties, decorating, shopping and throw in the usual domestic duties, I'm really looking forward to a break. Instead of staring at the computer editing, I am looking forward to sipping a glass of wine and staring at the tree, knowing everything is done. Is it really ever all done? Or do we just try to make ourselves believe that we will reach a time where it will be all done? For now, the tree is up and the decorations are out... we opted for a small tree this year and love it. I am still staring at this computer screen but look forward to slowing down soon to enjoy the holidays. I hope you enjoy a little peek into our home at Christmas.

Hello busy week!

Hello everyone ~ just wanted to pop in to say a quick hi this week as things are a little crazy for me ... I have a cousin coming in from London tomorrow and staying for a week and then I'm spending some time with Christine Hanlon from Style At Home Magazine while she is in town to do a shoot with me. How fun is that?? I'm leaving you with a photo I took while shooting a veggie garden for BC Home & Garden Magazine. Little pea pods have always make me smile. Have a wonderful week!