Since my last post, a few people emailed me about the flat we stayed in and how much it would cost for such a big place, especially in Paris. Well,{AIR BNB} is such a great place to go through if you want to find a fabulous place to stay in ANY country!!! To answer your question, we only paid $134 per night. {HERE} is the page on which we found it. Before heading down south, we spent 3 lovely, jammed packed days in Paris .......we hadn't been in 10 years, since our honeymoon. My apologies on the never ending post with pictures, it was really hard to narrow down and this is only about 1/3 of what I shot. Next week will be the Dordogne region.

Of course we had to visit the Eiffel Tower, it happened to be raining that day so there was no line up to go to the top.

Then the Louvre, there was no way that we could make it through that place in one day ...... crazy beautiful though.

Then there's the boutiques ....... ahhhh the boutiques. So beautiful.

Nothing like the markets in Paris .... or as they call them "Brack Markets"

Our favorite cafe was {La Favorite} love love love.

Last but not least, the highlight of my Paris trip ....... MERCI. If you haven't heard of this gem, it's the most amazing home concept store I have ever seen. It's 16,000 sq feet of pure goodness. {HERE} is a wonderful write up on the store. You have to go there to truly get the whole experience.