Takin a "breather" ....

Just wanted to pop by to take a break from some necessary editing and do a post on taking a "breather" from it all... Is that a word?  Things have been insanely busy for me, and I'm always very thankful for work.   This blog gives me space to post what I want and not always what I have to.  It's times like these where I need to recognize when to slow down and just have fun with my photography.  Here are some images that remind me why I do what I do and what they encompass to make them what they are and for me it's the intimacy, the texture and light that create a beautiful photo. This week will prove to be another very busy week but after reflecting on this, I am once again, good to go.    ~Enjoy ~

Tracey Ayton Photography






Happy new week! My apologies for not doing a post last week, things have been a little delirious around here with work and the fact that it's summer certainly plays a part. I thought I would share some snaps I did for 18KARAT while shooting their latest catalogue. A big part of my job is taking pictures of beautiful spaces and pretty little details .... (Lucky me) Most times I have very talented people working with me in order to make the scene a beautiful one. In this case, I have Zoe & Jeannine to thank, two very talented girls who worked tirelessly to get the job done. Every time I looked up, they had another pretty scene set up for me to shoot, I was like a kid in a candy store ready to snap away.


18KARAT Tracey Ayton Photography 1

18KARAT Tracey Ayton Photography 11

18KARAT Tracey Ayton Photography 2


18KARAT Tracey Ayton Photography 4

18KARAT Tracey Ayton Photography 6


Backyard Blogger Party Featured in Style At Home

Featured in this month's Style At Home magazine is a backyard in which my husband and I had always dreamed our little yard could become. After a lot of sweat, swearing, tears and trips to the dump we finally were able to see what all our hard work had become. Ten years ago we had purchased our home and needless to say, the backyard needed help .... but so did a lot of other things about the house and unfortunately, the backyard had to wait. After taking out an oil tank about the size of a dinosaur, cutting down three extremely large trees, breaking cement with a sledge hammer, building a new deck and tearing down a lopsided shed, we can finally sit and enjoy our yard. I want to thank everyone who came to my backyard blogger party and to Style At Home magazine for featuring it. We were truly proud it made the cover too! Backyard blogger party T Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton Photography Before

Overhead Tracey Ayton Photography

Table Tracey Ayton Photography

Eats Tracey Ayton Photography

I have to say a big THANK YOU to Karla Amadatsu of Kerrisdale Design who not only did her magic with her amazing styling job but she also prepared the most delicious appetizers and delightful seafood pasta the girls all enjoyed.

Karla Tracey Ayton Photography


Backyard Blogger Party Tracey Ayton Photography


Evening Shots Tracey Ayton Photography

I want to thank the fellow bloggers who helped make this a big hit:

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