What a glorious day to celebrate Easter.  Here are a few things that are happening around my household .......  Our street is lined with these beautiful cherry blossoms.  The eggs are all decorated for Easter and lastly, here is a little hint on my "little but big surprise" I'll unveil on Tuesday morning.  Looks like bunny feet doesn't it.  Can you guess? Easter Tracey Ayton Photography

In the garden

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I finally got out and did a little bit of clean up in our garden, it's only the beginning and I must say it was a total workout. Every muscle aches but to stand back and appreciate the hard work is so gratifying. Now, I have to find some more time and limber up for the next bit of gardening still to tackle.

But let's face it, when the sun is shining no matter how much work needs to be done, it all seems that much better.

Just a couple of snaps to show the first flowers to bloom ...... I couldn't help but post two pictures of the camellias.

Have a great week everyone !!!