Cool Finds!

Happy Monday! I just want to take the time to thank everyone who comments week after week, every time I get that little email letting me know someone said something nice, I smile, I totally love you all...... sniff. So on with this weeks post I went to a little thrift sale in my neighborhood a few weeks ago to see if there were any worth while goodies for me to take home .....

I found this cute little pyrex bowl that reminds me of something my grandma used to mix cookie and cake batter in.

I use it to make pancakes .......

Then I spotted these adorable vintage air mail envelopes. I admit that I have a weakness for anything that is "vintage air travel", apparently envelopes are included in this weakness.

But the best surprise of the night was when I went to go pay for my goods only to have the little old lady grab an old paper Woodwards bag. "Wow, that's an oldie but a goodie" was her comment as she put my finds in the bag. SCORE!!!! I thought as she handed it to me. Here's a little about the history of Woodwards Department store.

I've got a great friend, Carol over at The Design Pages having a fabulous contest. I heard the prize is pretty cool, go check it out!!

I'm ending this post with a little celebratory cheer ..... Karla Amadatsu of Kerrisdale Design has one of the spaces she designed going into an issue of Style At Home. It's not determined as to when they are coming out to shoot but regardless, I'm proud of our girl!

Best Young Designer Contest

Hi there, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter long weekend. We just got back from Penticton and couldn't believe the beautiful, warm weather we had there. I got a bit of a red tinge on my face from too much sun, but it was well worth it. This week I wanted to share some pictures I took back in January while visiting the display for The Best Young Designer Contest up at Morgan Crossing in South Surrey. My apologies for not posting this sooner but things got a little busy for me soon after. However, we know now that the winner of the contest was Daniel Meloche, Jennifer Scott came in 2nd and Joanna Kado won the "People's Choice Award". I think all of the designers are extremely talented and it shows in their spaces. I am very excited to also mention that I will be working with Jennifer Scott photographing her home for the September issue of BC Home ~ can't wait !!!

Here are some of my favorite shots ...

Joanna Kado

Britt McMaster Pppp

Penelope Sloan & Britt McMaster

Jennifer Scott

Daniel Meloche

Karen Wong