What a glorious day to celebrate Easter.  Here are a few things that are happening around my household .......  Our street is lined with these beautiful cherry blossoms.  The eggs are all decorated for Easter and lastly, here is a little hint on my "little but big surprise" I'll unveil on Tuesday morning.  Looks like bunny feet doesn't it.  Can you guess? Easter Tracey Ayton Photography

Therapy for Tracey

Phew... what a week so far!! I can't complain ...... been shooting like crazy and meeting lots of inspiring people. Here are some images that I took today around the house while taking a break from editing. Somehow, I really don't know how but picking up a camera to shoot the simpleststuff is therapy for me. I will post some of the recent shoots I've worked on over the last month but for now, here are some snaps that took the edge off.

I wake up to this lately .....

I salvaged that pink bowl out of a tear down, it came from a set of four with saucers.

There's always a cracked egg in the bunch ..........

A practical and cute solution to stopping a door.

Do you remember "PEEPS" ? I didn't remember how sweet these things were .... yessshhh