Really good weekend.

I just had to take a break from my usual posts this week as I was truly overwhelmed with happiness from the weekend. It was the big 4-0 for me .... yeshhhhh. We filled our house with close friends and family to celebrate. I couldn't have had it any other way .... The best present I could have asked for was to know that everyone else was having as much fun as I was. I stood back and watched as my house filled with people I love ...... The champagne bubbling over, hugs given, tons of laughter and lots of dancing. The only decorating I did was fill the room with balloons...... A LOT of balloons!!! Thank you to everyone that made my night special !!!! Especially to my brother who drove all the way from Portland, Oregon in one day to celebrate with us and then head back the next day. My weekend ended off with a day trip down to Seattle with hubs to do some shopping at my favorite stores which you can check out {HERE, HERE, & HERE}. I do believe that turning 40 is going to be a great chapter in my life.