My lovelies are gone ......

Ahhhh, it's so nice to sit back now that I am all rested up from the Fieldstone Vintage Market and look at everybody's beautiful photographs of the market. Rachel & Lily from Birch & Bird did a spectacular job on putting this market on and I am just so honored to have been part of a group of such inspirational ladies. I read about these people all the time, it was really cool to see what they do up and close. As for me, I really didn't know what people were going to think of my corbels as I dragged in my stuff on Friday afternoon for setup. But with a huge exhale, I am elated to say that my little lovelies have all found wonderful homes. Guess what? I'm out of corbels and have an itch to go look for more. I am addicted. This is a good thing .....yes?

I was able to leave my perch for only a few minutes to take some "quick" picks and buy a pillow over at Raggy Girl Vintage.

Fieldstone Vintage Market

Only 1 more sleep until the Fieldstone Vintage Market!!!

This week will be crazy busy for me .... between photo shoots and finishing up the small details to be "market ready" This is my first market as a vendor and I am a little nervous as I'm not sure what people will think of my salvaged goods or if I have enough "stuff" ...... As for the market itself, I know it will be the most successful one yet.

A few things you'll find at the "Keeping House & Everything Else" tent:

Some lovely fleurs, textiles and candles supplied by Quince Fine Florals ...... Thank you Jessica for helping to "pretty up" my tent.

My Polaroid artwork

And of course the salvaged goods .......... i.e.: light fixtures, doors, corbels, corbels and more corbels.

Can't wait to see you all there!!!

xo T