Happy New Years ~ 2014 !!!

Just dropping in to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2014. It has been a big year for me and if it wasn't for those that supported me I wouldn't be where I am today. ~ I am eternally grateful. Here are some snaps of some sugar cookies I decorated with a little bit of sparkle. For those who prefer gold sparkles ……. my apologies, the darn store was out of them !!!!! Be good out there and have fun.


New Year 2014 Cookies Tracey Ayton Photography

Happy New Year 2014 Tracey Ayton Photography 2

The Kinfolk Table Book

On Friday I met up with Lisa Giroday from Victory Gardens in preparation for the Kinfolk Dinner Event being held at West Elm Market on Monday evening, in which I am really looking forward to attending as a guest and photographer. While there, I picked up a copy of The Kinfolk Table, a stunning book full of recipes that Kinfolk Magazine collected from home cooks all over the world. I had no doubt that this book would be beautiful. As I read through, I immediately dove into a recipe that includes all of my favourite flavours, called: Vanilla, Lavender, and Earl Grey Chocolate Pudding with Sea Salt. OMG! Tracey Ayton Lavender


Tracey Ayton Photography puddings

Recipe Tracey Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton pudding

Tracey Ayton whipping cream



Food Photography & Styling Workshop in Dordogne ~ Part One

After kissing my husband goodbye in Paris, I took the four hour train ride into the Dordogne region of France, a short taxi ride to {La Roque Gageac}, and finally I arrived to the place I would call my home for four days, {The Manoir de la Malatrie} , a beautiful place in the middle of ... nowhere!!! Those four days were filled with cooking, photography, sightseeing and eating. Every morning we would eat a lavish breakfast, head down into the gourmet kitchen and prepare what we were going to shoot for the day. We would then head out to explore and sightsee .... cameras in hand. At the end of the day we would have a savory dinner, lots of wine and great conversation into the night about the amazing day we had. Traveling from all over the world: Switzerland, Norway, Jordan, Milan and the States, we all created friendships, some of whom will be for a lifetime.

I want to thank Aran Goyoaga an amazing photographer, stylist, food blogger and author of a new cookbook for putting on such an amazing workshop. Stephanie Brubaker, our gracious host that showed us every nook and cranny that the Dordogne region has to offer.... her cooking is incredible too. Nadia Dole, one of the most creative people I have ever met. Her styling is impeccable and it makes photographer's hearts go pidder padder.

And here we go ......... Our first day we headed out to {Les Jardines de Marqueyssac} for some ice cream, sightseeing and picture taking. I loved the crazy, perfectly round box hedges and the views into the valley were breath taking. The lavender ice cream ..... to die for!!!

The next day we headed to {Éco-Musée de la Noix} for a picnic in an organic walnut grove. I know, right? Sounds like something out of a movie!!! But it was real and one of the most amazing afternoons. Nadia did her magic with the spread that included baguettes looking all pretty, wrapped in parchment paper and finished off with a twine of string. Strawberries, drizzled over a light, fluffy cake. Fresh meats, cheeses and fruit from the local markets. Nadia set the stage for us and we ran with it, until we got hungry and finally sat down to enjoy the picnic in the afternoon light.

...... I just received the gift that Aran had promised us, a signed copy of her new book {Small Plates & Sweet Treats} Thank you Aran !!! Next week will be the rest of my trip to Dordogne.