Canadian Pacific Hotel Blanket

I finally got a chance to visit Spruce Collective, with a great pal of mine Barbara from Hodge Podge. Spruce is a wonderful little gem, located in Abbotsford, BC., full of incredible vintage finds and it boasts a workshop in the back of the store for creative classes.... this just means that wicked sweet craft projects go on there. Spruce also has a wonderful selection of props that can be rented out too. How ingenious is that?? So while I was there, I knew I wouldn't leave empty handed and ended up with a fabulous vintage Canadian Pacific Hotel blanket. On cool winter nights, it comes in handy for a quick throw and looks pretty awesome on my couch. I also have a collection of old hangers and just by chance, I noticed I have one from The Canadian Pacific Hotel. Do any of you have a piece of Old Canadiana?

A little bit of history ............

The first Canadian Pacific Hotel was located in Vancouver at the corner of Granville & Georgia Street. Today the hotel is run under the Fairmont name.

circa 1890

Well hello there, neighbor!

Yup, needed a blind for our bathroom! The toilet is right beside the window and a glass wall is all that separates you when in the shower. The old, textured window is too much to bare. Our view into their bathroom and their view into ours is pretty crystal clear.

So I called up my friend Barbara over at Hodge:Podge to see if she would make me a bathroom blind. Most of you know her, she's the one that sews up a storm of pillows, creates a stunning gallery wall, paints side tables, re-upholsters chairs, hacks Ikea furniture ....... This lady is a seriously talented DIYer!!!!!

I chose to use white linen with mother of pearl buttons for my Martha Stewart inspired blind.

Upon pick up, one of the best things that came out of getting Barbara to do this project for me besides a pretty blind and privacy, was having a great visit over Sushi with a fabulous friend.

Thank you B !!!