They once were beautiful

As most of you know, I have a place in my heart for these heritage homes that are getting demolished in Vancouver, at an alarming rate.  I've learned that it's a matter of acceptance about where our city has decided to go, there are a lot of factors that go into the decision of keeping heritage in our city ~ I speak mostly of the homes and I understand where it's at.  HOWEVER just because it's out of my hands, I still can't sit there and watch it happen so I've teamed up with Caroline Adderson who has started a Facebook Page {Vancouver Vanishes}, please go to the page and "Like it".  Together we have decided to document the homes on the West side that are slated for demo, take pictures of both the interior and exterior of each home.  Most are ripped apart but you can still see the beauty left behind in others. Fire mantle Tracey Ayton Photography

Birds Tracey Ayton Photography

Kitchen Tracey Ayton Photography

Stained Glass Tracey Ayton Photography

Rooms Tracey Ayton Photography


West 33rd Tracey Ayton

Every once in awhile we find the coolest trinkets along the way, my find: an old toast holder and an adorable set of pink tea cups (a set of four)  These will do quite nicely in my collection, what else is there to do but make a batch of these Earl Grey cookies.  You can find the recipe {HERE}

Earl Grey Cookies Tracey Ayton Photography



Milk doors

Living in an old house certainly has it's perks ...... and downfalls. What was a novelty when we first moved in can turn into a constant annoyance after a few years ...... tiny closets, one bathroom, single paned windows, no insulation, creaks ..... the list goes on. HOWEVER on the brighter side, our old home has wonderful little features too that help balance out the annoyances. One such feature that was common on most houses in the early 1900's was a milk door. Over the weekend while watering the plants, I decided to take a picture of our old door that has always intrigued me. I've always wondered what it would've been like to go out to collect your milk behind the cutest little door.

She ain't pretty on the inside but it looks as though someone tried to pretty her up with vinyl wall paper ..... probably from the 40s???

It sure is different nowadays ..... I don't drink tons of milk BUT to me, I like nothing better than a freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk.

Seabrook vacation

I am FINALLY able to have some time to catch up and get back to my posts. I feel I have been out of touch with everyone far too long. Busy is a good thing, no complaints here!! After we got back from our wonderful trip, I sat down to write a new post but unfortunately, I fell victim to technology .... my blog had some minor issues going on which disabled me from uploading any pictures. I have to admit, yes I panicked a little ..... Okay ALOT but I knew that my lovely "go to" person Zuri from Zadin Design could take care of it for me and she did. We are all back up. Thank you Zuri!!!! So here is what I sat down to do a few days ago ...... I wanted to share a few pictures of where we went on our little getaway. It was the most amazing place to visit!! It's a beach community called Seabrook which is located in Washington state, about a 5 hour drive from Vancouver, BC. The drive was well worth it!!!

My apologies for posting so many pictures but I have an extreme weakness for beaches and beach homes and this place was full of both. I did not put down my camera the whole trip!!! Here are some of my favorite beach houses ....... LOVE THEM !! Hopefully, I won't overload my blog with all of these shots...

We just had to bring Griffy .....

We're planning on building a new garage ..... here is our inspiration!

.....My favorite house:

And guess what? ....... we're heading back for more in a few weeks.