Kirk Talent Agency & Noah Morse Loft/Gallery featured in Gray Magazine

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Just thought I would share two really cool spaces that I shot recently, both of which boast local art, something that I feel that Vancouver is starting to recognize and both take residence in historical buildings. First off, Kirk Talent Agency, featured in Gray Magazine The space was designed by Shannon Powell you can see the whole issue {HERE}, be sure to check out another space I shot for the same issue, the airy loft of Noah Morse which includes an artist's gallery for exhibitions, Zoe Pawlak featured here. Two very cool spaces! Possibly cooler than me. Have a great week everyone. KIRK TALENT AGENCY

Kirk Talent 3 Tracey Ayton PhotographyPainting by David Burns

Kirk Talent 2 Tracey Ayton PhotographyPhoto on wall by Rob Daly

Kirk Talent 6 Tracey Ayton Photography

Kirk Talent 5 Tracey Ayton Photography

Kirk Talent 7 Tracey Ayton Photography


Noah Morse Loft 7 Tracey Ayton Photography

All art painted by Noah Morse except for gallery.

Noah Morse Loft 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Noah Morse Loft 6 Tracey Ayton Photography

Noah Morse Loft 4 Tracey Ayton Photography

Noah More Loft 3 Tracey Ayton Photography

Noah Morse Loft 5 Tracey Ayton Photography

Noah Morse Loft 8 Tracey Ayton Photography

Gallery space, paintings/sculpture by Zoe Pawlak

Noah Morse Loft 8 Tracey Ayton Photography

A ruff time.

With a heavy heart, I'm sad to say that Griffon, my just shy of 11 year old dog passed away last weekend.   It's been a very tough few days, trying to get over the fact that he's not clomping around the house or lying by the fireplace beside us.  He will forever be in our hearts and I want to thank you for all of your well wishes, it means a lot. On the flip side, work was beckoning and yes, I had to post pone some shoots in order to get my head straight but as I have always said, I love my job.   I'm very thankful that I was able to shift my thoughts away  just for a little while to shoot some beautiful spaces.

Always nice to shoot for Zoe Pawlak.  Her paintings are absolutely stunning ....... this one found a good home.  FYI, Zoe has an exhibition on this Thursday, January 24th 605-55 Water Street.

Zoe Pawlak-9

Artwork by: Zoe Pawlak Tracey Ayton PhotographyWorking with Jennifer Scott & Megan Baker from A Good Chick To know on a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of BC Home & Garden  is always, a treat.  Here's a tiny, tiny peek.  Cool lights huh?

Designed By: A Good Chick To Know Photography by: Tracey Ayton Photography


A beautiful space always puts a smile on my face.  Here is a peek into a shoot I did for Kirk Talent, designed by Lesa Kirk & Shannon Powell.

Kirk Talent