I just love this "all white" kitchen featured in Style At Home Magazine

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.  As some of you may know, my favourite colour is white .....  I find it so crisp, clean with no obstacles.  It's like starting new when it comes to a white space, any accessories you add to white god well with it.  So in this case when I shot Tracy Stonehouse's kitchen for the latest issue of Style At Home the White issue ..... Erin McLaughlin (Editor In Chief of Style At Home) came into town to shoot which was super fun.  The different purples from hydrangeas and blueberries are so scrumptious!!!!  I just happened to be wearing a purple checked shirt that day so how convenient it was to pass over the shirt over to Tracy  to wear for her picture.  The kitchen was designed by Victoria McKenney from Enviable Designs, the cabinet work done by Eyco Building Group.

Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-1 Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-2 Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-3 Tracey-Ayton-Photography-kitchen-5



Maria Killam Featured in April Issue of Style At Home

Happy new week and what a colourful one at that ......... I am so thrilled to have worked with an amazing talent, Maria Killam who knows colour so well. Maria is a colour expert, a design blogger and her house reflects just that. I was extremely excited to find out that it would gracing the cover of the latest Style At Home issue ~ Well deserved Maria!!! It was time this girl got the attention she deserved, she's worked so hard and when I showed her a simple frame of her work on the camera during the shoot, she had a tear in her eye. THAT is why I do what I do, to see my clients happy. Before we all get tears in our eyes, here are a few shots I took of Maria's incredible home. Kitchen 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Kitchen 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Kitchen 6 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dining 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dining 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Dining area 5 Tracey Ayton Photography

Living room 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Living room 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Living room 6 Tracey Ayton Photography

Living room 4 Tracey Ayton Photography



Featured in: Style At Home Magazine

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Now that the kids are in school, the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to fall ..... we begin the tradition of preparing for autumn, I love this time of year and welcome it. This week I wanted to feature a space that I shot with my really good friend and client, Karla Amadatsu of Kerrisdale Design ,for the current issue of Style At Home Magazine. When I photograph Karla's spaces, it is a true honour ... not only are the spaces just plain gorgeous but they never cease to inspire me. The inky blues, beachy, yet modern feel of this particular space was truly the "bee's knees" for me. I wish I could invite you over to this house for dinner just so that you could see it in person but I don't live there so for now, here are a whole wack of pictures to show how beautiful this space is. Enjoy and have a great short week.

Tracey Ayton Photography 5

Tracey Ayton Photography 7

Tracey Ayton Photography 1

Tracey Ayton Photography 8

Tracey Ayton Photography 9

Tracey Ayton Photography 2

Tracey Ayton Photography 3

Tracey Ayton Photography 6

Tracey Ayton Photography 11