Rebecca Bree Boutique

Thanks again for your comments on last week's post, it's always nice to hear feedback ~ I'm sure I'm not the only one rushing around, trying to fit everything in before the BIG day. I admit I love all of the hustle and bustle that goes with the holidays including shopping, which I am almost done!!!!!!!! Talking about shopping, have you heard of Rebecca Bree? This girl knows how to get her fashion on and when she asked me to shoot her store, I knew there would be a ridiculously amount of eye candy. My day was spent hanging out with Rebecca, the coolest girl EVER, shooting beautiful clothes and then a little …… okay, a LOT of shopping. Hey did you know you can find those nifty "Party Skirts" at Rebecca Bree also? "tis the season"


Rebecca Bree 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Rebecca Bree 3 Tracey Ayton


Rebecca Bree 2 Tracey Ayton Photography

Rebecca Bree 3 Tracey Ayton Photography

Rebecca Bree 5 Tracey Ayton Photography

Rebecca Bree 4 Tracey Ayton Photography


Amanda Evans showcase at Once A Tree Furniture

Happy new week! To all of my fellow Canadians who live in BC, I hope you had a lovely holiday Monday. Mine was certainly heightened by the lovely sunshine we've been having. This week I wanted to introduce to you a really cool designer, in whom has turned into quite a good friend:

I have worked with Amanda Evans from Twenty One Two Designs on several occasions and I have been completely blown away. The girl is a firecracker, her talent is obvious in the incredibly glamorous and crazy beautiful interiors, she designs. I had the opportunity to photograph Amanda's latest project: Once A Tree Furniture's Designer Showcase Series. This is where Amanda designed a master bedroom .... one that I found hard to leave because it was so inviting and cozy. Amanda's showcase "Comfortable Luxury" is on until mid September. You can see more of Amanda's work and more on the showcase here. Keep your eyes peeled on this one people, Amanda is going places!!!

Amanda 4 Tracey Ayton Photography

amanda 1 Tracey Ayton Photography

Amanda 22 Tracey Ayton Photography

Amanda 6 Tracey Ayton PhotographyAmanda 3 Tracey Ayton Photography

Amanda 7 Tracey Ayton Photography

Amanda 8 Tracey Ayton Photography