Typewriter Notes

IMG_3174 Hi Everyone I hope you had a great weekend.  As I had announced on Instagram last week, I am super excited to share that two of my images have been included in the Typewriter Notecards.  The typewriter notes is a box set of 20 different blank cards capturing the timeless appeal of the typewriter.  Curated and designed by Janine Vangool from Uppercase Magazine and published by Chronicle Books, these cards feature photographs submitted by Uppercase Magazine readers.  If you would like to order a set for yourself, you can go HERE to order.

TypewritersHere are some of my contenders:




Here's the first image that made it:


And one of my favourites that made it also ........ I shot this image with my Polaroid SX Land Camera about 25 years ago when I first started photography.  I used a technique called "Polaroid Manipulation" in order to get that effect.  So this one means a lot to me and I'm ecstatic that it will finally get some exposure in which is so deserves.  Feel free to contact me if you're interested in seeing more of my artwork.


Milk doors

Living in an old house certainly has it's perks ...... and downfalls. What was a novelty when we first moved in can turn into a constant annoyance after a few years ...... tiny closets, one bathroom, single paned windows, no insulation, creaks ..... the list goes on. HOWEVER on the brighter side, our old home has wonderful little features too that help balance out the annoyances. One such feature that was common on most houses in the early 1900's was a milk door. Over the weekend while watering the plants, I decided to take a picture of our old door that has always intrigued me. I've always wondered what it would've been like to go out to collect your milk behind the cutest little door.

She ain't pretty on the inside but it looks as though someone tried to pretty her up with vinyl wall paper ..... probably from the 40s???

It sure is different nowadays ..... I don't drink tons of milk BUT to me, I like nothing better than a freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk.

Reel to reel

Happy Tuesday! Not able to post any of my projects I've shot in the last little while due to publication conflicts etc. I'm left with a random little project I took upon last weekend. Renting a film projector and watching all of our old family reel to reel films. Most were shot between 1967-1975 ....... I was in the later part of those years, thank you very much! Does your family have any cool old films from when you were a kid? ...... um or any VHS tapes for you, younger generations??

Just to end this off I thought I would share a small clip of my older brother crawling around. The quality is a film should look like from 1967. I love it!