Dordogne part deux

Before you read the last leg of my trip, I would highly recommend you do it when you have some time cause it's a doozy.... maybe make some tea and stay awhile, it's a long one because it's my last post on the trip. I can't tell you how hard it's been to edit through the pictures and try to cut my stories short, it's almost impossible as France had so much to show me and there is so much to share. I hope you enjoy what I have included. Stephanie Brubaker was our hostess and she was gracious enough to have the group over for a savory dinner.... did I mention her family owns a spectacular maisonnette that they renovated? Check out Stephanie's blog Stephmodo to see all the press and before/after shots of La Maisonnette Du Coteau Let me tell you ... I don't think that I will ever experience a dinner party like that ever again. Absolutely magnificent! The dinner, the setting and the people .... fantastique!!!

The next day we headed down to the farmers market near a town called Sarlat. The misty rain certainly didn't put a damper on our treasure hunting down the cobbled streets packed full of vendors selling meats, cheeses, produce and yummy baked goods.

Once we got back to the manoir, we enjoyed a lunch made up of everyone's market finds, followed up by an afternoon of shooting a "Market To Table" themed spread.

On our last day we devoted it to sightseeing, and toured the Chåteau de Beynac, a 12th century, medieval castle ....

The views were breathtaking .....

From the chateau we strolled down through the narrow street towards the river. Along the way we came upon the hill where the movie chocolat was filmed. Once we got to the bottom of the hill, Stephanie greeted us with a fabulous picnic beside the river. It was a great lunch, a beautiful view, good company and the Chateau Beynac up on the cliff above us.

Finally a trip down the Dordogne river ....

I had such an incredible trip and want to thank all of my fellow workshop participants/friends. I know we'll meet again soon.