Are you for REAL? ...... or FAKE?

So FYI, we still haven't had a chance to do any Christmas decorating. Sadly, the house isn't back together from my birthday party either. The helium balloons are looking a little low. Where is the time??? I'm just being honest ... honesty in blogs can be refreshing, right? BUT, next weekend we plan on getting rid of the balloons to make room for our tree and all the pretty decorations ... FINALLY!!! Which brings up a question for you: DO YOU BUY A REAL TREE?


If you're worried that a fake tree won't have that pine smell when you walk in ... worry no more, I've already thought of that.

I want to thank Janaki from Le Marché St. George, Tom Hobbs from Southlands Nursery and Chris Switzer from Stepback for allowing me to photograph all of these lovely trees. It was so nice to have a chat with all of you. Janaki, thank you for opening the door to your "pop up store" on a Monday (normally closed on Mondays) for us to take a peek at.