The Kinfolk Table Book

On Friday I met up with Lisa Giroday from Victory Gardens in preparation for the Kinfolk Dinner Event being held at West Elm Market on Monday evening, in which I am really looking forward to attending as a guest and photographer. While there, I picked up a copy of The Kinfolk Table, a stunning book full of recipes that Kinfolk Magazine collected from home cooks all over the world. I had no doubt that this book would be beautiful. As I read through, I immediately dove into a recipe that includes all of my favourite flavours, called: Vanilla, Lavender, and Earl Grey Chocolate Pudding with Sea Salt. OMG! Tracey Ayton Lavender


Tracey Ayton Photography puddings

Recipe Tracey Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton pudding

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Fuzzy new beginnings.

Looking out my kitchen window, there is a tree that I never really notice until autumn settles in. This time of year, the tree is brilliant, it's branches dangling with heavy, yellow fruit. Upon closer inspection, the vibrant yellow fruit is a far cry from it's fuzzy little green beginnings. One would think this is a pear tree but it is actually a quince tree. What does one do with a quince???

I pick a few and toss them into a bowl with plans of cooking them .... somehow as it is impossible to eat these raw. In the meantime, when I walk into the kitchen, they greet me with a fragrance of bittersweetness ...... a kind of honey and lemon combination.

I decide to cook the quince ... slowly ... in a pan with butter and sugar. When topped off with the buttered quince, rice pudding is the perfect match. Rum & raisins are my favorite, but this certainly is good. I'm not much of a cook but I do enjoy baking .... ONCE IN AWHILE. The fact that I have never eaten a quince before, sparked some renewed interest in the kitchen.

Rice Pudding recipe: Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa. Buttered Quince: Tracey Ayton