Takin a "breather" ....

Just wanted to pop by to take a break from some necessary editing and do a post on taking a "breather" from it all... Is that a word?  Things have been insanely busy for me, and I'm always very thankful for work.   This blog gives me space to post what I want and not always what I have to.  It's times like these where I need to recognize when to slow down and just have fun with my photography.  Here are some images that remind me why I do what I do and what they encompass to make them what they are and for me it's the intimacy, the texture and light that create a beautiful photo. This week will prove to be another very busy week but after reflecting on this, I am once again, good to go.    ~Enjoy ~

Tracey Ayton Photography





Lessons learned

You've decided to get some much needed editing done this weekend .......


But then you notice what happens when you "flip" your flip flops off and walk away.

Flip flops

Apparently leaving a book unattended while grabbing something to drink is not an option.


The neighbours will notice when their fence gets broken and a dog flies through.

Francesca & Fence

Alright, I should've walked you when I promised .........  LETS GO!



My small but BIG surprise.....

The house was much too quiet after Griffon was gone .......

May I introduce to you: FRANCESCA ~ a.k.a. "FRANKIE"

Frankie & Ice Cream Cone Tracey Ayton Photo

You can see our sweet boy "GRIFFON"  in the latest issue of Style At Home.  He was the life of the party and will forever be missed by everyone that met him.

..................  Frankie has some BIG shoes to fill  .....................