Fun weekend

So we headed down south to Seattle for the weekend to enjoy this glorious weather.  It's like the middle of summer in the beginning of May and I am loving every minute of it!!!  It's as though the minute we cross the border, we've left all of our cares behind us...  I also chose to leave my camera at home in order to travel light.  Which brings me to my post .... our weekend summed up in Instagrams ....  (On a side note, to my dearest friends who live in Seattle .... I promise to visit next time)

public market

For some great antiquing, try Antiques At Pike Place, Seattle Anitques Market and my personal favorite ...... Red Ticking,

Antique shop

I can't come to Seattle without checking out one of my all time favorites: Watson Kennedy:
Watson Kennedy Tracey Ayton Photography
We always like to look at real estate too.  You never know, a beach cabin would be quite nice, don't ya think?  This particular one was built in 1935 and was owned by the same family for 77 years.  Nothing, I mean NOTHING in this cabin has changed.  I couldn't believe the amount of vintage goods that still existed in the cabin.  The old linoleum floors were beautiful.
Cabin Tracey Ayton Photography
Some great restaurants and bars to try out ..... Bastille for good French food and a beautiful interior.  Canon for cocktails, Delancy for pizza.  If your looking for a place that offers cheap food and a good beer try:  Hattie's Hat.
Bastille Tracey Ayton Photography
And to end off a fantastic weekend we watched the marathon run by our house and some much needed gardening.  I'd love to hear what you got up to?
Lilacs Tracey Ayton Photography