Rick & Lorna's House in Canadian House & Home

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a nice weekend.  Just thought I'd share a home that I shot for the latest issue of Canadian House & Home ...... The home itself is not only beautiful but the family that lives there is too.  Lorna & Rick Penner have four kids to keep them busy along with Rick's booming building company Rodell Homes Inc.  He is the mastermind behind the building of their house and Lorna is the talent behind all of the interior design.  Obviously you can see she truly enjoys the process of making her house a home.  The relaxed and airy feel of the home is lovely but what I swoon over most is the amount of linen used throughout and those wood beams ........ to die for!  I think you'll really get inspired like I did while admiring what this home boasts.  Thanks Lorna for all of the yummy cookies and Rick, the coffees were the best ever.

Master bedroom Tracey Ayton Photography-3

Dining room Tracey Ayton Photography-9


Girls Bedroom Tracey Ayton Photography

kitchen Tracey Ayton Photography

family room Tracey Ayton Photography

2nd girl's room Tracey Ayton Photography

2nd girl's room-1 Tracey Ayton Photography

dishware Tracey Ayton Photography

Stairway-4 Tracey Ayton Photography


I don't normally get too personal on my blog posts but I am slightly side tracked this week.  Our dog Griffon has been really sick lately and we've been informed by our vet that we have only a short time left with him.  Yes, he's just a dog but he's a BIG part of our family and has been for almost 11 years.  He'll be going into surgery this week and then if we're lucky, we'll have him for a few more months, we hope. Please say a little wish for him.

 Griffon Photo: Tracey Ayton