Here & then gone again.

  HAPPY SPRING!!!!!  Here's a shot of one of the hills we skied on while being up at Sun Peaks Resort.   The powder and the sunshine were fantastic but it was also very good for the soul to be around my family.

sun peaks Tracey Ayton Photography

I'm heading back out of town tomorrow morning to do a couple of shoots with my pals Erica Cook & Sarah Swanson for Style At Home magazine.  We'll be in good company as Erin McLaughlin, the editor in chief  of Style At Home will be joining us for the shoots ....  Should be lots of fun!  For now, I'm going to leave you with a picture I shot of the blooms in our living room.  Before I left to go skiing, I cut a branch from my magnolia tree and "forced" it inside.  I was happy to come home to these lovely Magnolia flowers.  The tree never ceases to disappoint  .... although I can see that most of the trees outside are about to do some blooming themselves.  See you soon!

p.s. ...... I can't wait to share some rather SMALL but BIG news when I get back.



magnolias 2 Tracey Ayton Photography



Seabrook WA. Revisited

Wow ~ Where did the week go??!!! I wanted to share some pictures of a beachy place I visited a couple of years ago.  I'm doing a feature with Gray magazine on The Ultimate Beach House, located in Seabrook WA. Which means going through some images that I took while we were there.  It brought me back to the sea sprite filled  beach town, with beach crusiers ready to ride and long strolls in the sand.  The architecture was the highlight of the trip for me and I couldn't help but share these amazing beach homes once again with you.  I'll let you know when the feature is out.  I highly recommend a trip to Seabrook if you want a simple, fun and relaxing trip.  100% eye candy too!

Tracey Ayton Photography



Tracey Ayton Photography


Tracey Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton PhotographyTracey Ayton Photography Tracey Ayton PhotographyTracey Ayton PhotographyTracey Ayton PhotographyTracey Ayton Photography


We had a bout of sunshine here in Vancouver over the weekend and I heard we are in for a smidge more.  The little white flowers in my garden called snow drops are a sure sign that spring is in the air.  Dare I say snow??  But every year when I see these little flowers that drop their heads so gently I can't help but get excited.  In celebration, I decided to make some cookies that share the same name.  When the sun shines like it did yesterday, I can almost taste spring and forget about snow.  Here's my Snowdrop cookie recipe.  My apologies it's not gluten free but I'm sure for those that would like to make it gluten free, the recipe is pretty simple to substitute.  ~ ENJOY Tracey Ayton spoon


snowdrop cookies Tracey Ayton Photography

Tracey Ayton Photography Snowdrop Cookies