Have a lovely Sunday .....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Now that I'm back, I'm chiseling away at my Europe pics and starting to catch up with things. Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend ~ wooot wooot! Lots of turkey .... or whatever you're enjoying and may the sun continue to shine. See you Tuesday with the start of of my Amsterdam & France pics. Bye for now.

A window box, garage and apple pie

I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. After a few busy weeks AND weekends, I finally have some time to get catch up on the home front. Every once in awhile we all need to recharge and get centered. This long weekend is much needed and is very welcome. The window box that hubby and I made at the beginning of summer has turned out to be a big hit with the plants ....... we can't even see the new box anymore !!!

Our garage is coming along quite nicely, if you didn't see my earlier post on the start of the project, here is a picture of the cute shed like structure that leaned into itself, had furry tenants, a growing roof and a cement pad that was completely cracked in half. Cute but had to go. I sold the original window at the market but ended up salvaging another one very similar, which was in better shape. We kept the original door but for another project which I will post in a later entry... The entry door isn't on yet but I salvaged that from a home that got torn down the day after I took it.

Just a couple of things around my house that makes me happy. I hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving weekend, I'll end off with a snap I took for an upcoming issue of Delish Magazine. Seems fitting for this weekend ....