What I've been up to ....

Welcome to a new week ...... although I'm slightly late and posting on a Tuesday but no matter. I wasn't sure where to begin with this post because I've been up to a lot of things lately ....... Shooting this lovely backyard for the latest issue of Canadian Gardening Magazine was a nice calm shoot..... Until I met Harley, the cutest little lab pup. How can I not resist getting licks from this sweetheart.

Canadian Gardening Tracey Ayton Photography

Linen fabric is a favourite of mine so when Ellen Walde from le fil rouge asked me to shoot for her, I just about died and went to heaven. Her products are so beautiful.


Once A Tree showcase series is now featuring Victoria McKenney from Enviable Designs. The inspiration for her "Comfortable Sophistication" is a recent trip to Palm Springs. This room epitomizes the vintage glamour that Palm Springs once was. The pastel yellows and blues are stunning. If you have time, I highly recommend stopping by and paying a visit. It really is an inspiring space.

Enviable Designs Tracey Ayton Photography

Christmas in California ......

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after our fabulous trip in L.A.... right after we landed as we were walking back to the car at the airport, I felt the crisp cold air of home and for the first time, I welcomed it. California sunshine was "crazy awesome" but now that we are home, the Christmas spirit is all over the place and I'm welcoming it with big arms. I really do love how we have four seasons here in Vancouver and am more than ready to dig out the Christmas decorations now. BRING IT!!! So with that said, I thought I would post some pics of a store we visited called fiore designs in Venice beach who were just putting the finishing touches on their Christmas decorations. Such a pretty little shop....

Driving by some Christmas tree lots in L.A., we saw people pick out their Christmas tree in shorts and t-shirts ...... CRAZY!!! Forgive me, I'm a Canadian.