Little things to make you smile

Front Foyer Tracey Ayton Photography I'm just popping in to show you a home that is featured in the latest BC Home & Garden magazine, it's a home that I have admired for a very long time.  For close to 10 years, I have walked past it, while taking the dog to a nearby park and always wondered what it looked like inside..... well, one day my curiosity got the best of me and I found myself knocking on the front door.  I was so relieved when it turned out I have known this owner for quite awhile!!!  YEARS ago, I worked in a photo lab and I remember Shelley always coming in to drop off her rolls of film as she was always so genuinely sweet.  Her personality is fun, lighthearted and young spirited AND so is her home.  As I walked through, I noticed, EVERYWHERE, these cute little vignettes that are scattered throughout.  Every time I spotted one, I smiled.  Here are some of my favorites.

Thank you to The Ferris Family for inviting me into your home.

Diningroom-2 Tracey Ayton Photography






Goodies Tracey Ayton Photography

Family Room-4

Disco Light Tracey Ayton


Tracey Ayton Photography Union


In the details

I just wanted to share some small intimate details of a home I shot recently. One of my favorite things about shooting interiors is capturing the small details or "vignettes". It is certainly an integral part of showing a home as these small stories give rooms personality and reveals a little bit about what makes the homeowner happy. Here are some of the adorable details I encountered in this stunning home.

I hope they brought you a little smile like they did for me. Thank you for your visit!