Vintage Postcards

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.... gosh, I feel like I haven't written a post for years! .... it's only been a week, crazy. Here's a question for you ....... Does anyone ever send postcards anymore? I think the last time I sent a postcard was when I was in my teens on one of our trips to Maui with my family. It was a novelty to send postcards to my friends but it ended up that I got home before the postcard got to their mailbox.

I was going through a box when I came upon these old post cards that my mom ...... yes again, my mom's collection... She saved so many things like that only for me to find years later and really appreciate. Anyways, these postcards came mostly from friends of hers, and some of which were places that she visited while on family vacations. It seems as though they went to Seaside Oregon quite a bit.

I think I'm going to frame these and create a little gallery.

Notice on this card where it's indicated which room they stayed at? LA PLAYA HOTEL Carmel-By-The-Sea Santa Cruz, California

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Power's Twin T-Ps North 72 Street and Aurora Ave. Seattle, Washington

Seabrook vacation

I am FINALLY able to have some time to catch up and get back to my posts. I feel I have been out of touch with everyone far too long. Busy is a good thing, no complaints here!! After we got back from our wonderful trip, I sat down to write a new post but unfortunately, I fell victim to technology .... my blog had some minor issues going on which disabled me from uploading any pictures. I have to admit, yes I panicked a little ..... Okay ALOT but I knew that my lovely "go to" person Zuri from Zadin Design could take care of it for me and she did. We are all back up. Thank you Zuri!!!! So here is what I sat down to do a few days ago ...... I wanted to share a few pictures of where we went on our little getaway. It was the most amazing place to visit!! It's a beach community called Seabrook which is located in Washington state, about a 5 hour drive from Vancouver, BC. The drive was well worth it!!!

My apologies for posting so many pictures but I have an extreme weakness for beaches and beach homes and this place was full of both. I did not put down my camera the whole trip!!! Here are some of my favorite beach houses ....... LOVE THEM !! Hopefully, I won't overload my blog with all of these shots...

We just had to bring Griffy .....

We're planning on building a new garage ..... here is our inspiration!

.....My favorite house:

And guess what? ....... we're heading back for more in a few weeks.