Keeping Balance

Welcome to a new week!  First off, I just want to let Carol at The Design Pages know that you are the owner of the beautiful paisley black and white cushion cover from the giveaway that Riikka & I held on behalf of Weranna's Warehouse. Enjoy it Carol! 1001_TYYNY_harm_villa


On another more personal note, this weekend proved to be a very successful one with a sense of balance with my personal life and work.  Being fortunate enough to have a business that keeps me busy is something I am very thankful for.  Although a few things like exercising and eating right have slipped through the cracks.  Over the past few months I have been working on improving these aspects of my life and it feels good.  I've been eating right, picked up jogging again, drinking more water .... gosh I've even given into composting now.

It seems to me that there is always time to change for the better and when it comes, I take it and run with it as far as I can go.  It's quite liberating to make choices in life that perhaps a year ago I would never even consider.  Kind of freeing in a way. ....... alright, enough of this sappy stuff.  I just wanted to express how it feels so right to accomplish one of the biggest challenges for me and perhaps inspire you a little.  :)

Compost.water.tea Tracey Ayton Photography


Have a great week!


Clean & Serene

Here is my post for a new year and a new beginning. My goal: Keep things simple and uncluttered! I'm one of those people that keeps a clean house but upon opening a cupboard or closet, I get hit with something flying out due to its lack of space and not enough room. Living in an old home you need to make serious compromises when it comes to storage. Closets are a quarter in size of newer homes so with that said, I started with the linen closet. I purged everything that we haven't used in a year. We don't need 12 sets of sheets now do we? Time to let go.

I don't drink enough water ... gonna try.

And this is where I spend a lot of my time, at my desk. It's a place that needs to be clean and serene. It's a place where I can escape into my computer to edit, communicate and get a grasp on some inspiration. My surroundings have to be organized and uncluttered, in order for my mind to think clearly. I burn a soy candle with the wonderful smell of blue agave purchased at the Cross. Fresh cut flowers on my desk will be a regular thing I do now. I keep a picture of my mom close by ... (she passed a few years ago.) Lastly, I have a small glass rock that has the word CALM. If things get too crazy, I know I can grab that little rock in my hand, calm down and know that the clutter in my head will soon clear.