When life hands you a power outage ....... take photos

Isn't it amazing how much we depend on electricity? Yesterday, I set the day aside to do some editing. There I was all set up, coffee beside me and on a roll when all of a sudden my computer screen went black and the house went quiet, VERY QUIET. Outside the wind whirled. At first I was thinking how cool is this? ...... I love storms!!!! I received a text from my neighbor reassuring me that her power was off too.

I went out and gave the dog a walk and decided to amuse myself by bringing in some of the lovely fleurs from the garden and do some much needed "Tracey" time. Over these last few weeks, I have been pretty busy with work. I am VERY thankful for having a job that I love and being busy, but I think in order for me to continue to flourish with creative energy, I need to put a little bit of that energy into photographing simple things that make me happy.

I have been waiting for an opportunity like this to arise so I used my time today at home without power to do a little domestic shooting and before I knew it, the power went up and life continued on as usual. I have to say that it was a really nice experience to know that the pressure to work today melted as I knew there was nothing I could do but make pretty pictures with something that didn't need to be plugged in.