Woo hoo !!!

I must start by saying a HUMONGOUS thank you to Rosa Pearson over at Flutter Flutter for choosing me as a Versatile blogger on her list gosh, I never win awards. Way sweeet Rosa! I'm suppose to list seven things about me that you don't know ... So here I go:

I am left handed ... they say that creative people tend to be left handed because they think on the right side of the brain. I'll go with that but let me tell you, it has certainly has had it's challenges at times but regardless, I am proud to be a lefty.

Thought I would mention my favorite jeans that I wear all of the time are Sienna's from People's Liberation. They are so darn compfy, I like the super duper long length and how they slightly drag on the ground. However, I'll stick with my skinny jeans and wellies for rainy days.

Some of you may remember Kate Bush from the 80's ??? Running Up That Hill is one of my all time favorite songs. It's in the mix of songs on my computer to help me get through editing. I've got the link for you to listen to below, the music video is poor quality but I totally remember watching this on Much Music, the video itself is a bit strange and bad quality but I just love the song.

Running Up That Hill ~ Kate Bush ~ 1985

One of my favorite places to go for inspiration for both photography and decor is Tine K Home. So beautiful .......

When we head down to Seattle, I always visit a beautiful store called Red Ticking. I'm sure some of you have heard of it .... Red Ticking sells vintage linens, furniture, unique finds, bedding, books.... just gorgeous, vintagy lovliness. I could spend hours in there!!!

Hubby and I are planning a trip to LA and when we go, we always love to have a bite at a place called Joan's on Third. Joan's on Third has an extensive assortment of fresh food; there's this area for breads, another area for cheese, areas for dips/dressings/condiments, baking supplies, munchies, I can go on and on! Quite overwhelming at first but oh so much fun! They stock up on some pretty unique items and I tried my very best not to go overly crazy buying too many sweets over at the baked goods area... oh my, my, my.

Last but not least, I got to hang out with my good friends Jude & Tavia while shooting their cool loft for the winter issue of BC Home.

And there you have it. I pass the award over to 7 more awesome bloggers ...... Ugh ya, I still use the word "awesome"

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